I am a qualified executive, business and personal coach working within a variety of sectors including Media and Entertainment, Tech, Management Consultancy, Charity, Education, Health, Law, Recruitment and Finance.

My straightforward and positive nature helps my clients acknowledge and utilise their strengths, realise their potential, increase engagement and productivity and maintain identity (personal and work) and achieve a specific personal or professional goal.

We will work together to achieve the best outcome for you, create a plan, determine your priorities and create a lasting break through.

My clients are often swamped with ideas and plans. I assist in addressing challenging questions, breaking down what can seem an overwhelming to do list so that boxes are ticked and decisions are made.


I set up EK Coaching in 2012 to marry my business experience with my passion for coaching and to help others achieve professional and personal goals. I work within a variety of sectors including Media and Entertainment, Tech, Management Consultancy, Charity, Education, Health, Law, Recruitment and Finance.

I have spent nearly 20 years within a corporate environment in both Project Management and Business Development roles, leading, managing and supporting individuals and teams globally within various corporates enabling them to work together effectively and increase ROI.

I want to get the best out of all my clients.  Coaching creates a catalyst for change. We will work on prioritising, building strengths based on values and cultural fit, leadership and people skills so that you are able to negotiate and implement change. This could be transitioning into a new role, working with different colleagues or managing organisational change.

Often we need to build upon our own resilience and manage the day to day stress whether that be at work or in our personal lives.  Together we can achieve a balance.

I have expertise in Women in Leadership – in particular, helping women balance their family life and professional goals.

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One of my passions and interests is supporting parents returning to work after maternity or paternity leave. Coaching provides an important and effective tool at this critical time.

I help my clients to gain clarity, control and move forward with short and long term plans whether this be:

  • Rebuilding confidence
  • Balancing work and parenthood
  • Retaining professional identity
  • Transitioning back to the workplace
  • Creating a successful exit and return strategy before taking leave
  • Increasing engagement and productivity

I enable my clients to develop the confidence and resilience to navigate the practical and professional challenges that come with starting and raising a family, and having a rewarding and thriving career.

I offer confidential, practical support, offering a sounding board and time to reflect on personal needs and values.

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From my clients

Emma is a high calibre and very personable coach. She is adept at putting her clients at ease and swift at targeting the areas which require focus and direction. Sometimes, all you need is to step back from an issue and view it through a different prism so that you can see all angles and alternatives. Emma coaches you through each of these steps with a professional, non judgemental approach.

Natalie Family Law Solicitor

Working with Emma to move my personal training and Pilates business forward was the best decision I ever made! I have so many ideas about where I want to go with my business but with no to do list or way to prioritise these ideas no decisions were being made which led to me feeling stuck and unable to prioritise what needed to be done to grow. Throw in to the mix juggling three children and never having enough hours in the day I decided to take the leap and invest in some coaching sessions with Emma. Emma’s positive, honest and understanding nature gave me the confidence to stop procrastinating and not only make decisions but act on them and start to grow my dream online nutrition and fitness business for mums. Emma helped me to become more organised, determine my priorities and become more productive but most importantly she helped me believe in myself.

Laura Owner True Vitality 4 Mums (Tatler Award Winner)

I decided to have some coaching sessions with Emma during a period of my life when I felt down about not being in a relationship. I hadn’t met anyone I liked for some time and I felt myself continually comparing myself to my friends who were in long term relationships or were married. I felt that everyone else was moving forward in life and I was stuck somehow. I found Emma easy to talk to and found her to be a patient listener. Together we highlighted different aspects of my life and broke them into sections including, family, work, finances, relationships. This helped me to realise different aspects of my life which I valued and were going well. My sessions with  Emma helped me feel more confident in myself and value my achievements.

Rebecca Lead Dosimetrist – Guys and St Thomas’s Cancer Centre

After leaving my job in the City to start a family, I realised after a few years I wanted to return to work but somehow felt I had lost my confidence along the way. I desperately needed some professional guidance to help steer me onto the right career path.  I immediately called Emma who made me talk through my anxieties which allowed me to identify what it was that was holding me back, and enabled me to put a plan in place on how to achieve my career goals.  Emma's personable, friendly and concise approach was just what I needed to gain clarity and a fresh perspective.  Thank you Emma.

Claire Business Owner

After having my first child, Emma’s coaching was imperative to my successful return to work. I had never considered personal coaching before, believing it to be something we English don’t do or need because of our stuff upper lip. However, I quickly learned that there is nothing wrong with wanting to get the best out of your career, relationships, and life in general. Emma helped me to evaluate my core values, without judgement. Once identified, she drew out of me how these values were not necessary at the centre of my life, where they should be, and helped me to re-address the balance. Not only did I go back to work with a greater sense of purpose, self, identity and confidence, but each part life became easier to navigate. Emma is professional, smart, and a fantastic listener who has amazing insight and asks all the right questions so that you can provide your own solutions to those obstacles which are holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Lorraine Corporate Lawyer


I’d love to hear how we can work together to reach your goals.