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Whether you’re looking at career options, transitioning into a new role or have personal decisions to make, my coaching will help you to find out what’s holding you back and bring about a renewed sense of self – so you can create a realistic plan and move forward with confidence.

If you’re serious about creating positive change, I can get you there.

Even if you don’t know exactly what it is you’re looking for right now, I’ll create a safe space where you can brainstorm ideas, ask questions and find the right answers.

As your coach, I’ll help you to gain clarity and a fresh perspective to face challenges, so you can achieve your goals – whether they’re professional, personal or a bit of both. Working in partnership, I will help you to:

Grow in confidence

Find out what’s stopping you from achieving your full potential. We’ll explore your own limiting beliefs, anxieties and negative behaviour patterns that hold you back. Then we’ll work on changing your perspective, raising self-awareness, building resilience and clearing the path to success.

Build better relationships

Understanding others is vital to our success – whether it’s getting the best from your team, working towards a promotion, becoming a great leader or dealing with strong personalities. We’ll build on your emotional intelligence, empathy and listening skills to help you connect with others.

Face change head on

We can’t always control change, but we can control the way we respond to it. Significant life changes that affect our personal or professional lives can cause anxiety and uncertainty. I’ll give you the tools you need to embrace whatever comes your way with confidence, composure and clarity.

Executive Coaching

Whether you’re a CEO, leader or senior manager, getting the right support is essential to your success. Coaching with me will help you to become more authentic, focused and motivated.

By focusing on ROI and commercial growth, sometimes we neglect the human side of business. But, by understanding the delicate balance of personalities and talent around us, it’s possible to transform your working environment to build a powerful and engaged team.

Show up. Make complex decisions with confidence and become a strong and decisive leader. By working with me, you’ll:

  • Become more engaging and influential
  • Start living your core values with purpose
  • Motivate and engage others (internally and externally)
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Implement organisational change with confidence
  • Reduce stress and achieve balance in your life
  • Develop and use your Emotional Intelligence
  • Get recognised as an impactful leader

You’ll develop effective leadership skills, including self-awareness and empathy, to help you to build better relationships. By understanding what motivates your team, you’ll get the best out of them. And by getting the best out of your team, you’ll feel confident to lead them to even greater success.

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Personal Development Coaching

Life is too short to feel frustrated or unfulfilled. But it’s also very complex and busy. Finding the time to sit down and really evaluate your choices can be a challenge in itself.

Coaching with me will help you find clarity. You can stop living on autopilot, or feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending list of priorities. You can take control of your future and work towards creating the life you want.

If you’re keen to:

  • Switch career
  • Set up your own business, or
  • Return to the corporate world after a career break

Don’t let negative thoughts stop you from achieving your goals. I’ll offer you practical support to break down barriers and navigate the path to success. Once you know what is blocking your way, it’s much easier to find a way forward. You’ll also:

  • Recognise your strengths
  • Build resilience
  • Set accountable actions and goals
  • Step up to where you want to be, professionally
  • Break unhelpful thought patterns
  • Show up and be authentic
  • Increase productivity and stop procrastinating
  • Improve professional and personal relationships
  • Break down overwhelming tasks to achieve better success
  • Make decisions with confidence

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Natalie – Family Lawyer – Global Law Firm

Emma is a high calibre and very personable coach. She is adept at putting her clients at ease and swift at targeting the areas which require focus and direction. Sometimes, all you need is to step back from an issue and view it through a different prism so that you can see all angles and alternatives. Emma coaches her clients through each of these steps with a professional, non-judgemental approach.

Lorraine – Corporate Lawyer

After having my first child, Emma’s coaching was imperative to my successful return to work. I had never considered personal coaching before, believing it to be something we English don’t do or need because of our stiff upper lip. However, I quickly learned that there is nothing wrong with wanting to get the best out of your career, relationships and life in general. Emma helped me to evaluate my core values. Once identified, she drew out of me how these values were not necessarily at the centre of my life, where they should be, and helped me to re-address the balance. Not only did I go back to work with a greater sense of purpose, self-identity and confidence, but each part of life became easier to navigate, Emma is professional, smart and a fantastic listener who has amazing insight and all the right questions so that you can provide your own solutions to those obstacles which are holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Sarah – Growth Marketing Director – Creative Media Agency

When I started a new role, one of the key areas I wanted to strengthen within the department was client management. Our company culture was changing and we needed to manage concerns and expectations. Members of my team were hard working but demotivated and I wanted to manage them in an effective way, assessing my own leadership style. Emma helped me to feel comfortable stepping up and taking responsibility in order to create dynamic, effective team and client relationships. I became a better leader and client manager and in turn, my team’s performance greatly improved, both personally and commercially

Emma – Global Investment Bank

Our industry involves working with different, often large, personalities which makes communication challenging. The hedge fund landscape is ever-changing and I wanted Emma to equip me with tools that I could use to enhance my team’s performance whilst preserving their personal lives. Emma encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and think about what is key to the success of my team and me as a manager.

Mark – Co-Founder and Director – Recruitment Company

I asked Emma to come and coach one of my employees. He was our top sales person but we believed had personal issues which were likely to affect his performance and, ultimately, his well-being. Emma helped him find a balance and he is performing better than ever and seems more settled in the company.