How do I work?

Every client is unique, with different needs and expectations. That’s why I don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching. The very first step we’ll take together is to find out whether we’re compatible – the relationship between coach and client is key to making good progress and achieving your goals.

On your free, half hour insight call, we will get to know each other and talk about how coaching would work for you. Should you wish to continue, I’ll create a tailor-made coaching plan for you, which includes:

1. Research

We’ll spend 90 minutes really digging deep into what you’d like to achieve. You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire and we’ll talk through your answers. We will also use a psychometric assessment as a building block.

2. Set goals

Our first coaching session will be spent talking through your assessment results. We’ll identify your successes, as well as any barriers that are holding you back, before working together to set realistic, achievable goals.

3. Take control

We can meet (online or face-to-face) as often as you like – some clients like to meet me every week, others prefer monthly. During each session, we’ll analyse feedback, celebrate wins, set goals and plan next steps.

I recommend a minimum of six coaching sessions to enable you to effectively build confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, remove barriers and start seeing real, long-lasting success.

Is coaching right for you?

Book a free insight session to find out

We’ll spend 30 minutes talking through your personal or professional situation in complete confidence.

Often, this conversation becomes the catalyst for positive change.

And, as it’s completely free of charge, you can then decide whether you’d like to partner with me to take the next steps in achieving your goals.


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